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Narcy returns with”Time” ft. Lebanese supergroup Mashrou’Leila!
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Narcy returns with”Time” ft. Lebanese supergroup Mashrou’Leila!

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Time is a conscious hip hop prototype sung on a desert trek, where the vast inner digging comes to life. The music message here is essential.

Narcy drew my attention, in our incoming promo pot as a rising Iraqi/Canadian diaspora artist. You don’t get that very often! Replaying it over some consistency you discover that it’s a very personal track, even Narcy’s grandfather’s voice Jamal is at the end of it… Picking up the trail on We Are The Medium, Narcy is a pioneer of the Arab Hip Hop movement and blends education (teaching at Concordia University in Montreal) with cultural heritage.

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I can’t wait for the official video to come out. The video was shot in between Lebanon and Al Ain, representing the natural beauty of the Arab World that is rarely shown to Western Audiences in Media. So it’s time for that space and beauty!

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