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Vasili’s new album “All is Vanity” shakes the senses!

Vasili’s new album “All is Vanity” shakes the senses!


New Zealand based Vasili’s 18 track album All is Vanity storms the electronica senses.

It’s an ongoing documentation of open-minded wilderness through spaces of ambient, trip-hop, dream pop approaches. It all dwells though into the minimal techno and electronica heart of things. For a 90s lover, Vasili has already an arm long of discography and creativity surrounding him shaking up the media feedback! This latest release unwinds an audio-visual discovery through the beautiful and original clusters of collaged sounds in his life.

Beyond this release comes a magical collaboration of friendly transmissions between artists that have never supposedly met before. Taking inspiration from All is Vanity, they have had the freedom to bring their own purpose on the visual plate and became a Various Artists project. You can catch the Mammal Group here. And actually, watch all these stunning videos!

Some might feel Andrei Tarkovsky in the title of the album, although each track is unique leaving a mighty jet trail image of each music piece for the listener. The next steps are on the way for Vasili. A Various Artists live project and the next music discoveries as we speak!

There is another layer of blueberries that we have to add on this cake! Keep on the lookout for Vasili’s track on upcoming les electrofleurs du bien (cassette/digital) compilation on culture fresh Gross Diskos label! Plus if you’re a Paranoise Radio listener, we have already played tracks from this album on the giveitaspin show and will continue to! The podcast will be up on mixcloud soon mates. All in!

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