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Athens based Cathedral Echo release ΨΧ out on PHONOPRISM Records

Athens based Cathedral Echo release ΨΧ out on PHONOPRISM Records

Cathedral Echo gives the binding soul and core of high-quality bedroom music – made in Greece.

If you just spell the two words ΨΧ out in greek it means soul. And this Athenian project (Lefteris and friends) has put everything on the music plate. In short, it’s a phantasmagoric full EP album! A high-end bedroom studio offering, with tangled sounds and colors from the synthesized and digitized world. Cathedral Echo know all about genre consciousness and that’s how everything epically blends in from the alternative psych to the dream pop world. At times it all seems extraterrestrial and in others, the experimental path of giveness just turns pink to red just like the artwork, delivering blushing danceable or dream-esque tunes to the visitor. There is a time and space that breathes in the past though plays with future knobs and buttons.

Spacey echoes, filling the room with bubblegum bursts, sitar strings taking us back to primitive Basho blues, all giving way to vocals and percussion (there is quite a list of performance organs/instruments) leading to a vortex door full of haze and sputtering psychedelia. The formula is a moonwalk or a sunrise, adrift in clouds of instrumentation. Greece has accessible neo-psych tags. Promisingly, Cathedral Echo owns its own gravity. Originally yours, you can buy the album for keeps! I’ve featured some tracks on S03E02 of giveitaspin/Paranoise Radio, however, the mixcloud podcast will be up in a few days. Take care fellow earthlings and love this album! If Bear in Heaven had a Greek-Japanese son…

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