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A soulful “High” from London duo Fika

A soulful “High” from London duo Fika


There are days where you just want to slow down with everything and take an esoteric break. I’ve got a music solution for you all. Sam Hutton and Al Wreaves consist of fresh duo Fika and have released High on Absent Mind Recs. Their one of a kind mellow jazz-inspired groove will help you flow in that mind space. To enhance the thrill, there is an excellent guitar painting elements of coolness and tranquility on the way and the vocals are so yummy like a chocolate and blueberry muffin. If you are not already high on the love music, I’m sure you’re feeling some kind of euphoric vibes, or else you should get your temperature checked! All the tracks are stellar so I hope a full album will come out! Go ahead… seize the Fika afternoon!

Ps. the amazing artwork is for a portrait in your living room!

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