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Sarah P. releases “Mneme” from upcoming EP Maenads

Sarah P. releases “Mneme” from upcoming EP Maenads


Sarah P.’s new single “Mneme” feels like a warm injection of music droplets from incarnated souls that have stories to share.

Its obvious chill-dreampop-shoegaze vibes twist three and a half minutes into a beautiful eternity. Trop-drawer minimalism, mystical vocals, and a haunting depth throughout, all lead you to what is coming from her new Maenads EP (Dec. 14th).

The amazing video is inspired by the three original ancient Greek muses – Aoide (the muse of voice and song), Melete (the muse of thought and meditation) and Mneme (the muse of memory). Together they become the inspiration for poetic and musical creation.

Filmed under the Athenian sun by George Geranios, it features Clio “Lil Cli” Arvaniti (Aoide) and Dora Pantazopoulou (Melete). The key themes explored are playfulness and sisterhood, in commemoration of more carefree times. Each stroke and note in the track is perfectly placed to allure all your senses!

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*Featured photo by George Geranios