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illexotic – The One

illexotic – The One


illexotic aka S!REN (female Mexican singer/producer) and DeeZystep (male Filipino-French producer/rapper) are on a deep roll just when the drum machine apps are on a breakthrough for the others in music sight. They bind together with an atmospheric rhythm, kicking out outstanding vocals, a flute, piano, drum pads, via Ableton Live pro, and some ferocious electro magic. They are a master at crafting future-bass/electro/hip-hop hybrid sounds. The One really gets the room, handling divine energy with blissful leanings on the walls of life. Although they have a wide variety of influences from Ella to Sinatra and The Gorillaz to Rage Against the Machine, they can easily highlight their ecstatic love and energy for the electro-based and future beats genre.

Social justice, community activism, universal empathy, good food, and sharing experiences of love & life to their fullest are our driving forces.

If breakups melted down as good as this…

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