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Listen to AUBERG1NE – ‘Spiral’ (Mol Records) and give back to UNICEF!

Listen to AUBERG1NE – ‘Spiral’ (Mol Records) and give back to UNICEF!

An intelligent idm/electronica track just Spiral-ed over to Belgium based –  Music On Location records from AUBERG1NE. All profits go to UNICEF.

AUBERG1NE is a music project by Thessaloniki based Kleanthis Karapiperis. The beat-laden electronics hit all the right spots. Kleanthis has been honing his music and production skills, as he has studied Music Technology and worked as a concert sound engineer for the past 17 years! From co-founding the Scab Level band with his vocal and guitar skills to writing music for videogames (Spider Key Games) he knows how to break emotive melodies and control expansive production techniques. The journey in the music scene was quite solid and after 2004 he started working with video creating live visuals as a hobby at first, moving on to collaborate with several music or interactive acts. This optical progression is distinctive throughout the Spiral music video. Playful, spiky melodics all with fragile care, somehow the face of music has a voice of its own in each abstract line. With some classical Latin-wise vox sensibility or machine learning glitch distractions the track shifts in structure and manipulation.

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Buy/Support ‘born into madness’ compilation on MOL records

Listen to AUBERG1NE’s ‘Dandy EP’ out on Numb Capsule Records 

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