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This Week’s Daily Music Discoveries: Chillout, Neoclassical, Downtempo & More

This Week’s Daily Music Discoveries: Chillout, Neoclassical, Downtempo & More


Welcome to this week’s Daily Music Discoveries, a roundup of the best incoming music. Every now and then we’ll recommend new or past releases that get to our ears. We have picked out some tracks in the Chillout & Neoclassical – Electronic zone.

Phillis Greeley ’71 – Hautefort & Ludowic

Revanche Records

Netherlands based ambient artists Ludowic and Hautefort use synths & a piano improvising their second musical masterpiece together in one take. On one hand, Ludowic’s electronic music is raw, dark and atmospheric and on the other Hautefort’s style flows in many directions following melodic rhythms and ideas as they appear.  Phillis Greeley ’71 is like a turntable on neoclassical fire with an exploratory spirit full-on acoustic and electronic ripples. You can also find it on Wic Records.


Lotte Pen – Triptych I+II

Revanche Records

Lotte Pen is releasing her first neo-classical touched song called Triptych I+II and it feels like a big statement! It’s a saxophonist maze that tries to combine the classical world with a wind of Pop. As an award-winning member of the new gen of classical musicians  Pen has played in Tokyo, Berlin, Paris & New York before taking part in numerous bands and projects. ‘What I learned from pop music is the freedom that you can embrace, that you do not have the responsibility to comply with the unwritten laws of classical.’ she states. The rich pristine acoustics throughout the track remind you that the future is yet to come!


Marcus Elkjer – Scene 3

The Bank Music

London based Marcus Elkjer is sharing his first record as a solo artist. Drawing inspiration from the cold and rough Scandinavian nature as well as the pulse of the city of London, ‘Scenes’ is a captivating EP, very cinematic, full of electronic textures and dark pop. The 28-year-old Danish native within the slow tempo of Scene 3 sweeps the composition of its feet into another dream-escape. Marcus explains: “Scenes” is a sonic journey into my subconscious. An accompaniment of the dreams I have. The songs encapsulate different scenes of a movie that has never been made but only exists in my mind. My hope is to make the listener connect with the sonic journey and possibly become part of it oneself.”


Jesse Woolston – This Way Comes

Woolston Media

Jesse Woolston is a multimedia artist and composer from Auckland, NZ. This Way Comes is part of a larger album named μstructure, released as a microscopic photography book & CD. The track is a combination of rare logistics as if Erik Satie teamed up with Mike Oldfield to take over your life in holy neoclassical repetition.  There is a distinct sparkle of peace and miraculous landscapes throughout the notes, leaving a trail of mysticism behind.


Jonny Element – Multo

Multo is the Tagalog word for ghost. The multo is the soul of a dead person that has returned to the mortal world. It may want to finish an incomplete task or promise, or take revenge, it may return because of an improper burial or unusually violent death or suicide. The ghost may be seeking a replacement so that it may live again. In those words, may we praise life and music through the eyes of Jonny Element. In early 2019 Element released his third EP, Nuno. Here we see Element explore the dark and magical world of Filipino mythology. You may also want to check out his infinite Instagram collage here!



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