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Aussie gem Charlie Lane is not a music ‘Faker’!

Aussie gem Charlie Lane is not a music ‘Faker’!


It makes me so happy to feature an artist for the first time on the blog as a #giveitaspin discovery! And to see him/her develop through life, their music and art career. I am so proud of Charlie Lane, an Aussie gem with punk attitude and an indie rock flare at heart. After blabbing about her beautiful tracks, I heard her also a few months ago on an in-store H&M playlist in Thessaloniki, Greece while shopping, and saying to my mates: “hey that’s Charlie, I know this cool artist”! You can see for yourself how fans react here! I’m honored to share music with you guys for so many years, and literally, the world mingles together with this universal language. If a track is pure and amazing no one can doubt it!

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Enough though of some mini diary, let’s get back to music. Charlie just released Faker, and it’s full on truth again! I admire her spirit and music art. Keep up the great work girl! We support everything you do with all our spinning decks!

I wrote this at a time when I was in a relationship where the other person was getting affected by my mental health. They didn’t fully understand it, nor did they want to. This song is about being blamed and blaming yourself, and smiling to cover up the truth.

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