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Listen to Taylor Hamilton’s debut track ‘Might Say’!

Listen to Taylor Hamilton’s debut track ‘Might Say’!


Singer-songwriter Taylor Hamilton crafts intimate indie-folk with depth and humble beauty from the quiet mountains of Southern California.

Elegant and soulful work is put into the gemstone of “Might Say“. Taylor Hamilton’s first single from her debut self-titled album has swept us away with delicacy and drifting beauty. Vocal paradise found on Earth, Hamilton gives the chills in nanoseconds, irresistibly haunting you down in an emotional vortex. Her plea is private, as life’s wisdom comes through. This single is groundbreaking, at least cathartic for the burning hearts. Diamond alert!

A meditative hymn to love, lust, and loss, “Might Say” embodies Taylor’s soulful vulnerability and intuitive lyrical capacity for imbuing life’s emotional gray areas with deep color.