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This Week’s Best Tracks!

This Week’s Best Tracks!


Welcome to this week’s Best Tracks on, a roundup of the most intriguing incoming music takes. Every now and then we’ll recommend new or past releases that get to our ears. Niki has picked out some all-time favorites with a ‘spin’ and it feels very special in between the Greek Easter holiday spirit. So here it is! Share and love, mates!

RLGNS – MeAtTheZoo

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The Portuguese duo RLGNS really makes sense to me. It comes a bit naturistic in terms of human perception. The track uses some cool electro-acoustic techniques such as found sound and field recordings that really bring out a vibrant chill. It’s organic vs digital in a colorful balance. If you love Bonobo, Four Tet or Jan Jelinek dive in!  Their EP entitled “Perceptions” will be soon available on Spotify, just as May strolls in!

Pat Carroll – Plateau

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Australia has always great things to offer in terms of electronic music. Pat Carroll is breaking the charts lately tugging at the heartstrings, now offering a cinematic Plateau. For the likes of Bonobo or Jon Hopkins this talented music nerd steps outside club structures and brings in nature’s inspiration.  Carroll confesses, “… the sounds I used were mostly field recordings of thunder, hitting pieces of wood together, and the sound of hail hitting my window, to keep a more organic feel with the track. I then structured the track around the gradual breaking down of the vocal loop.”. Tune in with the next best talent around.

Ceschi – Sad, Fat Luck

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Ceschi is a true legend to me. I love him so much, always pushing the boundaries and creating from the heart for years. Sad, Fat Luck is a “been there, felt that” thing that is pushing us out of the comfort zone again. If you stick to the rhymes he says it all in 3:57 and it just brings some tears of fear or joy instantaneously. If music is to lift you up off your feet and do something, then Ceschi brings it all to the table. The truth hurts and it’s a pat on the back to continue your sad, fat luck life however you can. In the end, I really believe that this kind of love will protect our minds and souls. An album of the year for me catch the LP on Fake Four Inc.

Chad Rico – New Level


Hip Hop artist Chad Rico released, “New Level,” on his label Gold & Gems.  The talented music artist is also a college math professor, entrepreneurial clothing manufacturer/designer, filmmaker, and world traveler! His upcoming EP, titled “Myth” will be a seven-track collection of rap songs as varied as the 35 countries the 31-year-old has visited and reflect the flavor of his nuanced experiences. I totally am into this intergalactic video and you should be too!

Misty Mtn – Float On (covering Modest Mouse)

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Brooklyn based Misty Mtn create dark mountain pop as they like to say. Their new single Float On is looking towards their debut EP sometime this Spring. The original Modest Mouse track (2004) came out at the height of the Bush administration. Nowadays with Trump on the run and some Greek elections later this year, it feels right to quote on Isaac Brock’s  first words: “It was a completely conscious thing. I was just kind of fed up with how bad shit had been going, and how dark everything was, with bad news coming from everywhere. Our president George W. Bush is just a fucking daily dose of bad news! Then you’ve got the well-intentioned scientists telling us that everything is fucked. I just want to feel good for a day.”Misty Mtn just have a delicate way of saying it all on their own!