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Common Tiger showcases funky versatility in ‘Bodhi Strut’

Common Tiger showcases funky versatility in ‘Bodhi Strut’

Multi-instrumentalist Common Tiger aka Matthew Mahoney has been struck into Dharma – the self-realization of what is true – since the death of his father in 2009. His music drifts back and forth on this principle and his retro soul to the likings of Daptone is always ready to musically arise with a roar. Hey, Robert Luis (Tru Thoughts) have you scouted him yet?

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Common Tiger’s latest release ‘Bodhi Strut‘ is firebolt, calling for a press on 45rpm. It reminds me of The Budos Band vs The Menahan Street band, somewhere in the fast or slow middle,  maintaining a tradition, not a discovery. Perhaps this classic era of funk and groove coming through also with the sleeky sax is a new golden age of uncommon Tigers. The melody follows some trigonometrical rules that sound – out of time – epic and cool.

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