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Fentom – Begin to breathe

Fentom – Begin to breathe

Fentom creates limitless beats & vibes inspired by horror, sci-fi and his work in Mental health care.

Begin to breathe is such a momentous track. Reflecting a cosmic laid-back approach it swells up into a chill playground. Existential and undeniably cool for your feet & soul to dance it out. You can find Fentom’s first release The Ghost Who Walks on Sound Unbound Recordings, a small indie label from the east of Holland.

The 60-minute beat tape cassette is an ecstatic making, the downtempo dark and spaced out vibes will swirl your universe like no other! Plus the limited edition tape of 50 comes with limited edition artwork by artist Peter Veldscholte. The creative streak extends to all corners of this release! Go grab it!


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