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Bluebloods – Looking For God On A Dancefloor In Steinbach

Bluebloods – Looking For God On A Dancefloor In Steinbach

A Psychedelic rock and Hip Hop run through a French House prism. Set, even more improbably, in Mennonite rural Manitoba.

Reared musically in an Anglican boys choir, Bluebloods’ central creator Conrad Sweatman (guitarist, producer, songwriter) was born in Winnipeg, Treaty 1 land, and lived long enough in London to learn a thing or two about making laptop music. He is grateful to have moved home, permanently it seems, to Manitoba. There, he collaborates with singers and other musicians to create the sounds of Bluebloods, whose cheeky name refers to the noble blue-collar lineage and subarctic ice running through Manitoba’s veins.

What distinguishes Bluebloods’ music is the unusually tactile quality. It’s like an invention of loopy infused beats and house with an unmistakable punch of French psych-pop tilting it towards a new territory of sound making. It’s totally natural for your heart to search god at god knows what BPM on a dancefloor in Steinbach! Have fun!

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