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Moldovan electronic artist Serge Bulat delivers an immersive EP “Kalah Folklore”

Moldovan electronic artist Serge Bulat delivers an immersive EP “Kalah Folklore”

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Serge Bulat is a multi-disciplinary artist and musician, born in the Moldovan-Ukrainian border town under the Soviet Union, and immigrated to the USA in 2009, to pursue his musical career. Bulat is known in the electronic and avant-garde music circles for his IMA-winning LP “Queuelbum“, released in 2016, and “Third World Walker” project, the audiovisual installations, exhibited in the UK, Argentina, Italy, France, and the USA.

He has just released EP “Kalah Folklore” featuring a collaboration with Miriam García (Chancha Vía Circuito, Go Dugong) which is the first taste from the upcoming album to be released in 2020 and exhibits his unique experimentation further into various music genres, cultures, artists and instrumentalists.

Single Kalah Seance featured today, is very hypnotic and every down-beat rebels its way through the dreamy soundwaves. It’s a musical fantasy that reinforces the idea of an ambient-folktronica-exotica album giving back a sense of mystery through all senses. Travel the mind afar with the jangling sounds of the mystic cosmos. It’s time to play it up!

The EP is preceded by the Wurroom video game, itself an interactive art experience rooted in Bulat’s music universe, developed in partnership with Vladivostok’s native and frequent collaborator Michael Rfdshir.

It’s always awkward to talk about Moldova because no one knows where it is, to the point that people think it is one mythical place, often confused for the Maldives. But, once you discuss arts and culture, people seem to forget about the basic labels and read the person by the culture he projects. I found this concept thrilling and adopted it for my current project since music indeed speaks for itself and makes a certain impression. I think a lot of character is lost in translation and wanted to work with the authentic source material; and, while adapting, preserve that first impression of encountering an unknown culture.

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