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Kill Emil’s latest work ‘Interdimensional Travel’ is out on Fennek Records!

Kill Emil’s latest work ‘Interdimensional Travel’ is out on Fennek Records!

Kill Emil’s latest project ‘Interdimensional Travel’ is a concept Instrumental hip-hop 10“ vinyl with outstanding artwork and music vibes!

Kill Emil is a favorite Hip-Hop-Downtempo producer of #giveitaspin, based in Athens, Greece. His latest release is an “Interdimensional Travel” I would like to recall as beat inception.

The layers of joy and triumph of galactic humanoids come out of the speakers! So the tracks create a glowing warp hole, of instrumentals and sampled beats, enough light to make the album flow without hesitations on my headphones.  I’m on the space shuttle to other acoustic dimensions of my inner soul. What time is it?

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The album: It sounds a bit like going to space. Mysteriously strange and scrumptious beats never heard before, the one love we only need is music, even in the most alienated times of our inter dimensions! Kill Emil knows how to layer electronics and samples to create an uplifted dimension of reality vs fantasy. Dusty Boxes and Chambers filled me up. Although I still can’t say what my favorite track is. I think I’ll be listening to this every day, for days and days. What is yours? Thanks, Kill Emil for this amazing ride!  Enjoy the (Sade) sunset….. we have just arrived at our destination to chill!

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We designed every cover individually with a different part of the galaxy (…) , silk printed a grid and crafted Emil’s spaceship. The vinyl is wrapped into a fancy aluminum bag, completed by a technical sketch of the Album. – Fennek Records