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CROSS x VAPA – Fast Paced Nature

CROSS x VAPA – Fast Paced Nature


The story of the like-minded young producers Cross (DE) and VAPA (FR) is rather interesting and begins in Cologne, where the two randomly meet at Club Odonien during a Katermukke Showcase. Having found out about their mutual passion for melancholic sounds across genres, they soon find themselves locked in a studio with an electric guitar and a Maschine developing their vision of electronic music. The duo’s second release “Fast-Paced Nature” embodies their style just like their well-received debut release Human“. 

You decide on “your own perfection” while listening to it. This track is spiritually correct and of a concept happily showing. It’s a lovingly mellow – minimal- piece of electronic music with a cool flow. It links to an emotional vocal sample so delicate and fierce, just like nature at its breathing point.

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