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Songs to #StayHomeAndGiveitaspin!

Songs to #StayHomeAndGiveitaspin!


Hello mates.

As you all know by now, music is my way to communicate feelings, past memories, all sensations, and future plans. I made this week’s Best Tracks on playlist especially for everyone that is experiencing the #stayhome movement – quarantine – due to Covid-19.

I will be updating the website more often these days, as I’ll be also indoors with you all. It’s time to appreciate everything in life that puts a smile on your face in the simplest way. Communicate (like really), read books, have fun, do yoga on your mat, reorganize the shelves, burn some cake, play board games, write poems, draw, learn new things online, watch Netflix, write your Ph.D. thesis… Make a program of all the things you can do! I will keep you company every day on our culture hub! It’s like we are a big online family, don’t forget that!

Any special features I can add on the blog? What are you missing? What can I do for you? You can reach me at niki [@], send me your messages, photos, music, thoughts, anything on your mind and I will re-publish them on our socials. Please no spam! Let’s make the #stayhomeandgiveitaspin movement loud and proud :) Keep washing your hands while singing your favorite tune and listen to music. Music is life!

Love and solidarity to everyone. 

Be seriously strong and think of a much more conscious and brighter future for all the planet. It’s up to me, you and everyone to create a rain of rainbows in the end!

Niki Sorogas



Casual War – Key In The Pocket

Hard rock with a creamy, creamy center. It’s like eating an alternative ice-cream that tastes really good when played loud! Vocals are airy and playful, even the dudes’ part of backing vocals (love it). It’s a double choc shoegaze trip, with a nugget heart. Gem found! Thank you Casual War.

Midori Jaeger – Upon Your Ear

From Midori herself:  ‘Upon Your Ear is a song about escaping with a lover. In a time where we’re constantly escaping from the physical reality around us through plugging into online worlds through devices, we can lose touch with the contentment and the sense of belonging that can come from really being present in the company of people. I wanted to get across the power of physical affection in helping us to feel situated in the world, and outside of our heads.’

Midori puts me always in a warm embrace. One of the best new talents out there.

Wes Chiller – Drift Away

A few words from Wes: “This song has a twofold meaning. On one side it’s the transitioning of mind space from a place of work to a place of peace and serenity. On the darker side, it deals with the finality of life. As a first responder, I deal with death quite a bit and sometimes our efforts don’t make the difference we are looking for in an emergency. This is my indirect answer to their families from the post-humorous perspective and a direct answer for my peace of mind.”

It’s a comfort tune for me. I’m in my happy place. I hope it works for you. Life is life. Enjoy every moment. Like Now.

ultmt. & Phortran – Flurries

An illuminative partnership for all the good vibes. A poetic wave of ambient and lo-fi chill!

Million Square – Pallas

I left the best for last! Million Square is my golden catch. The exciting young  London-based electronic duo features double-bassist Max Luthert and saxophonist Duncan Eagles, who citing influences as diverse as Autechre and John Coltrane,  expertly blend the sounds of acoustic and electronic instruments. Pallas is taken from their forthcoming EP Spirit Bloom! The track is sharply enjoyable and skeptical, an epic transformation of electronics over acoustics. A perfect blend of all music corners. This pulse of hedonism is for your dreamy ears only!

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