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Grab your 8″ limited edition vinyl: Varonos – Acid Cuts | AC-001

Grab your 8″ limited edition vinyl: Varonos – Acid Cuts | AC-001

Varonos is the acid dripping moniker of Thomey Bors, who seems to have been around forever and under many guises. Primarily an eclectic DJ, shifting with ease between hip hop, electronica, house, techno, funk, disco or whatever catches his fancy, he is also a producer whose output defies immediate categorization. From glitchy beats and lo-fi aesthetics to emotive electronica and Detroit-Esque techno, from shiny disco re-edits to trippy acid bleeps, there is the versatility of sounds that occupy his headspace, which actually form his trademark: constant genre defiance. Approach with open-mindedness and you won’t be disappointed.

Ok, so I’m in love with the flip side, The End Of The World As You Know It!.

Varonos’ new tracks have beautiful continuous energy of deep acid tech-house that makes seconds turn into hours. It’s old-school from the future! It’s epicness! A replayable music experience that will light up your life in various dimensions and textures if you are in for the spin!

Grab the digital tracks here and the limited edition 8” transparent record here.



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