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Why ‘Swimming TV’ are feeding our feet!

Why ‘Swimming TV’ are feeding our feet!


Swimming TV with ‘Airtaste’, opens the set…

I just love the buttery popcorn smell of a “Name your price” fresh collaboration album on Bandcamp. That doesn’t mean we don’t help out! In these fuzzy days we must keep supporting artists that make us feel sane and loud in our safe spots!  

Check this out: Dortmund Dance Division!

Well, joining forces last August, the Dortmund Dance Division launched it’s first artist ep including various 3D Members. 3D is a collaborative peak time party project hosting different kinds of subgenres in dance and electronic music! Don’t worry we will get on track soon and enjoy our party feet, together on a floor we love. Until then, download the compilation (or donate), send it to a friend in need, and have fun with music!


The goal is to build a more left field scene in an otherwise pretty mainstream and narrow minded local scene.

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