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Iñigo Montoya – .E.S

Iñigo Montoya – .E.S

Pierre, Quentin, David, and Louis are Iñigo Montoya backed up on our beloved Echo Orange label. They wanted to pay tribute to Un violador en tu camino (“A Rapist in your path”), a protest song created by the feminist collective  LasTesis based in Valparaíso in Chile. It seems through .E.S they are teaching us how to fight back for gender equality by sampling the revolutionary song and turning it into a sweaty club track.

.E.S is well-produced and makes you feel slightly uneasy in a good way. The purpose is to get it all out of your system. You too feel blindfolded under the trippy bpm. It takes some courage to break the archaisms and patriarchy with art and creativity. The good thing is all profits will be donated to La Maison des femmes de Saint-Denis. Dive in your pocket or share it with a friend. Perhaps music these uncertain COVID days will start a revolution after all. This track is the “Bella Ciao” of the intelligent club dance scene.

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