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Tamikrest ft. Hindi Zahra – Timtarin

Tamikrest ft. Hindi Zahra – Timtarin

One of the most inspired & inventive ‘Desert Blues’ bands of the moment, the Kel Tamasheq group from Azawad known as Tamikrest has joined forces with the formidable Moroccan vocalist Hindi Zahra for a glorious new track, ‘Timtarin’.

With an excellent drone over heavy 3 & 4 rhythmic accents, the guitar work is simultaneously challenging & inviting – particularly when coupled with the steadily rising, floating percussion. The back/ forth dueling melodies exchange subtle-but-emotional phrases, as a slow burn ensues; watching the end of a long night from a high vantage point – ‘We are all falling stars, all rising suns’, they proclaim, as we catch that first glimpse of daylight.

The extended coda section runs amok with heavy grooves, ominous harmonies, and an uplifting refrain. We’re assured amidst the sounding alarm, before halting to a clear & abrupt conclusion. This is an excellent collective, creating high art – bear witness & hear ‘Timtarin’ above, Tamikrest’s most recent EP, Tamotaït, below, & the newest track Hindi Zahra has shared, a collaboration with Blundetto:

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