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Yehan Jehan has ‘Nothing to Prove’!

Yehan Jehan has ‘Nothing to Prove’!

Yehan Jehan has released a new EP Earth Arrangements Vol.2 on Aphrodite, the new label from Alexander Waldron, co-founder of the beloved Greco-Roman label. The opening track Nothing to Prove is a masterpiece! The eclecticism is just pulsing on yacht rock grounds with longing nostalgia. That’s just like saying, it reminds me of the past (the 80s, 90s) however never stops connecting me with the future picturesque vibes of life (artistic Kindness).

Sketchy lyrical moments are raw and honest hooking you further with almighty flares of saxophone riffs! Just melt and see. It’s a real addiction, with quality in style and production. The energy dips into a dream world while you’re a protagonist in the video scene.

All tracks of the EP have this easy Earthy warmth to get you lost in shuffle mode. Jehan is a truthful charming musical star in my heart, with all efforts he has made along the way.

Vol. 2 continues from the same lineage and theme exploration as its predecessor,” says Yehan Jehan of the second EP. “The title embodies the idea of the sociological tectonic plates of the planet. We’ve been aware of its natural state and history for aeons, yet our own environment is highly unpredictable and continuously challenging.”

Yehan Jehan’s European tour has been postponed and the rescheduled dates will be announced in the near future! Keep spinning!

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