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Jackson Mathod – The Park

Jackson Mathod – The Park

Moments of revelation and oneness have always been a desire amongst deep thinkers and spiritual beings. In some cultures, mental clarity is the guiding principle and all things come from within. Whether it is through daily meditation or a psychedelic catalyst, we crave this kind of symbiosis with the world around us. This connectivity is no easy feat, and often the power is fleeting and we struggle to hold on to our revelations. Jackson Mathod, trumpet player, and composer presents his hallucinogenic experience in Vondelpark, Amsterdam. 

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The atmospheric entrance is guided by birds, wind, soft cymbal accentuation, and trumpet fantasy. An electrified bass pulses as Jackson sings the single verse, that feels like a mantra as we explore the nature around us. The piano strengthens the work with comfortable chords, as the ensemble fits around the anchor. Every breath is savored, every moment embraced. The tune gives us the energy to continue and lifts us into a hopeful state of mind. A happy trip indeed! 

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