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Chopsticks – Every Cat Is The Laziest Cat

Chopsticks – Every Cat Is The Laziest Cat

In these tumultuous times, surely we can all agree that finding a relaxing mental space is both extremely important & exceptionally difficult – the tax of the pursuit will, at times, defeat the purpose. For the average house cat, this state of mind appears their base nature, & Chopsticks captures this sentiment perfectly via the charmingly woozy ‘Every Cat Is The Laziest Cat‘.

With a lovely, piano-esque melody glistening over a minimal groove, spinning record static, & an unequivocally calming post-jazz guitar chord progression, one can feel their blood pressure rest at a comfortable number immediately upon pressing play. As the zen-like lo-fi drums kick in, the headspace opens, uplifting spirits while the initial melody is doubled by a truly wonderful & warm synthesizer, & to the peak, a subtle-but-extremely-effective synth harmony – an absolute delight. Even down to the closing notes, everything about this song says serenity in nothingness, soothing the burn of living in a world on fire.

My hat’s off to Chopsticks – this is an exceptional piece of music, for which this writer is truly thankful.

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