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Imelda Kehoe – Ordinary Star

Imelda Kehoe – Ordinary Star

The theme draws parallels with people in our lives who do extraordinary things but go about it in an Ordinary way.

Irish based Imelda Kehoe brings a unique outpouring of feeling in Ordinary Star and ripples through the modern indie-folk scene like no other. This is no exaggeration, as musical gems are rare to find. An intimate and extraordinary feeling runs through my heart, as I’m listening to Imelda and the band {Michael Egan (Lead Guitar), Sean O’Leary (Drums) Lee Byrne (Bass), James O’Sullivan (Fiddle, Guitar and Wine Glasses…), Martina Keane & Paula Keane (Backing Vocals)}. As a trained Nurse in difficult situations, she cites her life experiences gradually in her writing. However, for this featured track inspiration came from 11-year old Danny about the Sun.

Why is this track so special? Well, there is a human response in every word, hypnotizing one’s reality to the bone. Imelda has a pure softness, though the strength of crashing waves when it comes to her voice. The images run wild of the cosmos, healing on true love, longing for elation. It sinks you into an internal feeling, wrapping you up in stillness from the beauty. The official videography/choreography urges you to take a truthful breath. This delicate track has swallowed my soul, I’ve listened to it (so many times) until it can never fade away from me.

Let’s support artists and bands anyway we can. We – the music lovers – depend on them, to see the light brighter sometimes, in our hazy moments. Thank you, Imelda, for this connection, this track means a lot to me. Netflix music team, I have scouted a great talent … in what series will this be?

Recorded at Windmill Lane Recording Studios in Dublin, Ordinary Star is the first release from Imelda’s forthcoming album due out, early 2021.

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