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DiZ x ZiGGi – Orange Blossom

DiZ x ZiGGi – Orange Blossom

Standing atop a mountain, overlooking a well-lit valley; foreground, town/ city/ people… & over your shoulder, a prosperous forest – dense with flora, fauna, & a rich biosphere. You’re a timeless mind with a million generations flowing through your veins, but here you are, in the now, & the moment is ever-fleeting.

Orange Blossom‘, by DiZ & ZiGGi, is a thoughtfully & precisely crafted composition – &, perhaps, more aptly described via the prior metaphor & imagery. Chorus-less, adventurous lyricism is the structural foundation; the production, sprawling & immersive, is as innovative as it is captivating. Beginning with the opening key change, the musicality behind the work is vivid & advanced; to match, wordsmithery cuts intricately blazed paths, & rhymes within rhymes weave syncopations, polyrhythms, & polymeters through the beat’s stuttered pulse.

They say they’re looking out for me – I’m looking in, trying to find my inner peace‘ – amidst all the ever-advancing music coming out, & all the noise wearing it’s welcome, this bears deeper listening. Hear more here:

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