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Yuri Vinogradov – Imperfect Monochrome

Yuri Vinogradov – Imperfect Monochrome

A sparrow flies overhead, the silhouette set against the backdrop of an overcast, but gentle sky. Take in the fresh air – what appears as an invigorating, uplifting atmosphere, slowly dissolves into a wary malaise, making its way toward harrowing chaos – an uneasiness tinged in hints of respite; sanctuary in the swaying wind, albeit its prefatory motion toward the storm.

On the aptly titled ‘Imperfect Monochrome’, Yuri Vinogradov interweaves multiple, dissenting moods in an enigmatic and captivating fashion, ranging from gentle harmony to content depression, all the way through to ghastly fear. Clearly a master performer, the piano stands alone, yet manages to sound as big as a 36 piece orchestra. Bright, beautifully mannered, triplets reminisce on fond memories, while dissonant arpeggios lurk just beneath the surface, eventually taking charge of the melodies, & lifting us into an expansive & completely fresh musical territory.

Speaking as a writer with a history of composition/ musicianship, & whomst functionally listens to a plethora of new songs daily, this is as unique a solo piece as I’ve experienced in a great many moons – Hear further here:




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