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Deuce – Blue Moon Man

Deuce – Blue Moon Man

When a track opens with a sampled speech from the late, great El-Hajj Malik El-Shabazz, fka Malcolm X, the intrinsic value is immediately validated. Chins hold higher & general self-esteem increases, as so is the thematic undercurrent for ‘Blue Moon Man‘, the newest track from Memphis, TN MC/ producer, Deuce.

Gentle jazz-esque chords & clipped melodies span across a double-time hi-hat and near break-beat snare trill, while lyrics flow over like a running river, displaying multi-layered schemes, with inventive & flawlessly executed near-rhyme structures. Underlying celestial/outer space soupcons weave in a welcome optimism to the greater social statements, which, I must say, is very encouraging amidst the increasing chaos. ‘I know that it’s hard for change, and it can be a challenge, but we’re in this together, I know that we can manage’ – Blue Moon Man, we need these positive sentiments, on this day & the next.

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