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Green Calico – Gold Standard

Green Calico – Gold Standard

Perhaps the pursuit is the reward; perhaps it really is ‘the journey’, rather than ‘the destination’, as they say, & it goes. While our modern world continues to consume itself via the endeavor, happiness may not lie in something or someone else, but rather within. The weight of these contemplations lay the framework for Green Calico’s piece, ‘Gold Standard‘, as the motivation to improve oneself, lends to a higher purpose.

Opening with an arpeggio-laden groove that could (somehow) just as easily be the creation of a late 90’s Rza as it could be that of Portishead, the thematic spirit is striking & full of intrigue. Utilizing a microtonal, congruous harmony, juxtapositioned as the center focus, Green Calico’s stream of conscious delivery bears a lustrous cadence & oneiromantic lyrics – in a time of heavily pitch-corrected vocals, these well-executed accents are of the highest standard, bearing more resemblance to a jazz saxophone than the genericism of auto-tuned pop. Effusive key melodies, warm/ clean slightly amplified guitar, & stuttering glitch trills create a lovely & unique texture, which, coupling with the low, round bass, accentuate the dynamic rhythms into a fresh, electrified sound.

Singular, adventurous, & musically inclusive, Green Calico’s ‘Gold Standard’ is an exceptional creation, standing in distinction amidst a sea of sameness.

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