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Mandroid – Modern Living

Mandroid – Modern Living

Rolling down the street, windows down, summer breeze cooling the air as you absorb the scenery – laid back. The world is off its head these days, but we can still find solace in these brief moments of respite – the familiar within our foreboding times. Mandroid’sModern Living‘ offers this nostalgic atmosphere as sanctuary but utilizes the vessel to take us further along on our journey, into the now, & preparing for tomorrow.

Sitting in the pocket, the groove is gregarious & magnetic, while jazz-esque synth melodies weave themselves into elegant & sleek electro/ hip hop motifs. Recollecting both 90’s G Funk & the height of 80’s synthesizer musicality, the complexity is subtle & nuanced, leaving room for the dancer, the intent observer, & the background listener to all co-exist in their flavors of enjoyment. Take us back to that block party, Mandroid, & all the personalities that encompass such an environment – let us relish in the memories of easier times, that one might appreciate what is current, & what lies ahead.

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