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SVVN – Remnants Of Lands

SVVN – Remnants Of Lands

Far into the future, mother earth near-eclipsed by ocean, you sit adrift in an endless sea of blue-green. By nature, & evolution indeed, we seem directly linked with the water, & as the water, figuratively & literally. Still, here you are, alone in the vastness… but a welcome calm falls over, serving to ease the panic.

SVVN casts this vision so clearly that one can define the title, ‘Remnants Of Land‘, from the opening series of notes. Gorgeous, minimalist textures, & an exquisite denseness in its simplicity, the deliberate humanism amidst such a lush electronic environment is masterful in its display – each key invokes its own story, akin to fingertips, a brushstroke, or, perhaps, a laugh. The dynamics move slow & deliberate, washing over like the waves they interpret – light & refreshing/ heavy & all-encompassing. You began this journey lost at sea, afloat on a shard of broken driftwood, yet somehow ended as a sort of merperson, roaming freely over an endless expanse; a welcome hope for the future. Delver further here:







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