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Hideyuki Hashimoto – Breath

Hideyuki Hashimoto – Breath

A deep breath is something we’re all in need of, at the moment; for the sake of self-maintenance – psychologically, spiritually, & to combat this awful plague clouding everything around us – focusing the mind’s eye, allowing for a clearer vision of the present & future to come, that we may, perhaps, achieve a clarity, despite the haziness surrounding.

Thankfully, we have a composer such as Hideyuki Hashimoto, to help us along this difficult & demanding path. Quickly becoming a favorite of this writer’s, as well as the blog in general/ many others surrounding, we are graced with another thoughtful & inspiring piece, aptly titled ‘Breath’.

Hashimoto’s total alliance with the piano allows emotions & sentiments to flow direct, acting as a conduit to such deep & complex expressions that otherwise remain undefined. Gentle- but- powerful melodies float over complex- yet- minimal chordal movements, allowing dissonance it’s own beauty amidst the landscape; a powerful message for today.

A recording of a singular performance, the ambience surround us, coaxing the mind to transport to the heart of the music – tune in, relax, & let it flow through you.

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