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Patrick J. Hagan – At The Intersection

Patrick J. Hagan – At The Intersection

Walking down an empty city street; a dream or a nightmare? The setting of a post-apocalyptic film? A massive, complex deception? No, my friend; this is real life – terrifying & astounding, as it may be.

Cascading arpeggios glide across the periphery, & drifting melodies flutter above the horizon, eventually enveloping the scenery. Polymeters & gentle pivots tapdance atop the raindrops – Patrick J. Hagan brings to life what most of us have been sentimentalizing with a fastidiousness reminiscent of past classical masters, & a freshness only definable by contemporary worldly standards. ‘At The Intersection‘ finds us contemplating the next direction; the flooding memories of each turn we’ve rounded, & each step we’ve taken to get to this place we find ourselves – the empty street.

Where will we find ourselves next? Indeed, perhaps one of the most exciting aspects of this piece is the questions it leaves. Contentment with the moment, but dubiousness & wonder as to what tomorrow brings…

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