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Pram Of Dogs – The Slaughter Of The Pig

Pram Of Dogs – The Slaughter Of The Pig

When death flashes before one’s eyes, a moment becomes a lifetime. Everyone you’ve ever loved, everything you’ve ever held dear… every detail comes flooding back in a great, shrouding wave, enveloping your existence. If very empathetic, one might be advised to approach Pram Of Dogs latest composition, ‘The Slaughter Of The Pig’, with relative caution, as related to personal psychological/ mental/ spiritual health. The reality of the mood is highly detailed, & as heavy as a black hole…

With the surface of a harp-implied, cumulusly-clouded, angelic, blue-sky-heaven, it is easy to hear the beautiful profundity of the work here. However, delving deeper, one realizes the mood of ‘The Slaughter Of The Pig‘ is that of death – &, perhaps, not just any death, but death by harrowing violence – that of terror, agony, & strife. Exquisitely executed, easily seducing a passive listen via the siren choir, it is the richer, deeper dig that offers a truly emotional experience.

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Choral layers set atop a sea of synthesizers & analogous textures offer finely tuned details for the listener. Lyrics, seemingly in a language not meant to be understood (Latin?), sit just beneath the level of comprehensibility, resting as dense stratums of harmony & melody. This is familiar like a dream in its moment, but unique, as when you wake to its memory.

Pram Of Dogs has created something very spectacular & truly prodigious here. Follow below for future endeavors, as I’m sure they will be a worthy adventure: