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Sarah P. – Love Profusion
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Sarah P. – Love Profusion

Sarah P. returns and envisions the classic Love Profusion from Madonna’s album American Life. Madonna is always referenced as the Queen of Reinvention, and this choice of a cover-track, expands the original pop sound into an even more delicate approach and confidential atmosphere. It is a triumphant statement, a time-capsule of pop sounds that will melt your ears once again to a happier and more comfortable state of mind. Sarah P. has amazed us with this tasteful treasure, full of radiant synths and soft-engaging humanity. On the production side, Sarah worked with the Berlin-based producer Minna Music (aka Bibi Vongehr).

“Our world has been turned upside down for more than a year. Naturally, we’ve realised that we need to turn towards the more familiar, the constant forces in our lives – those who give us joy and balance in abundance through the simplest gestures. That’s why I chose this song – because it echoes more intimately at this moment in time. Plus, it happens to be one of my most favourite songs from Madonna. It’s a song I fell in love with when I first heard it, and I remember singing it in school all the time.”

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