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7 Eclectic (September/October 2021)

7 Eclectic (September/October 2021)

7 eclectic

7 eclectic is our new playlist addition this year on Spotify. Updated bi-monthly by our Editor-in-chief, Niki!

Tracks to listen to – even every day or hour of the week.

Sunny Day by Runrummer encapsulates some haunting downbeat desperation traveling in audio space to find an optimistic aura. We can hear the influences of Portishead and Massive Attack for sure! Now the backstory of the track will also ring a bell, most of us have been there, through some dark days, and in the end, music saves us.

Around 2017-2018 when I moved to London and started a 9-5 job for the first time, I was in a dark place and thought I had lost all my creativity. I remember sitting on the floor of my bedroom looking out the window up at the grey sky, unable to go to work or even leave my flat that day, just wishing and dreaming for something to come along and take me out of my funk. Ultimately it was music that was able to do that for me, and this song explores what I was feeling at that time.


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Detroit’s Jax Anderson releases her concept album Songs For Every Condition on Neon Gold Records. This featured track is a cherry on our happy tree, a lovely track to gain some esoteric strength, especially if you’re going through any changes!

Change can be hard. Borderline one of the hardest things we go through as humans. But we all know it’s essential for growth, right? That doesn’t make it any easier. I wanted to write about the pains of change, but with an uplifting feel. Joe P was a great fit for this one – his voice carries a pain that I think lends itself to the themes of the track. Change is scary, but in the end it’s usually good.

Jax Anderson

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This is the zesty remix of the first single that was released a month ago by Trust This Mechanism. It was done by the very talented Jeffrey Innes of the legendary Canadian indie rock band, Yukon Blonde. In the IFL track, we trust, with or without a remix version! Put on your dance shoes, no one is watching!

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What a masterpiece of a track with a killer MJM sample. Eternia & Rel McCoy put modern technology on blast in their gripping new video for “Wonderful World,” which serves as a sharply written observation of the very real impact of smartphones and social media in our daily lives. Check out the LP on Fat Beats.

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GEMMA is a majestic Greek gem of a band, full of electronic music escapades in the crossroads of post/rock with intensified traditional fusions. They also preserve the Cretan language idiom which is amazingly thoughtful of their roots. Get a glimpse of Bellos too, – and everything on their Youtube channel stands out in a philosophical way of the music life worth living. Something deep inside tells us that we will spin with them again in the near future. Just amazed 🙂


Mexican five-piece Sei Still is sharing ‘Me Persigue’, the second single to be lifted from their incoming ‘El Refugio’ LP that’s due out November 26th on Fuzz Club. The new album, which arrives following their 2020 self-titled debut LP, marks a number of changes for the band. Not only have they upped sticks and moved from Mexico City to Berlin, but their sound has undergone a process of evolution too! Bring it on!

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The Lunar Keys from London just said hi in our promo inbox, and I’m so stoked about their beautiful alt-rock track, I cannot stop playing it! A genuine flavor of energy, and lyrics full of truthfulness!

We pledge to put our little money where our big mouths are and vow to donate £1 for each of the first 250 airplays or press pieces ‘Stop This’ receives to

The Lunar Keys


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