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Blushing Brydes – Death Flight To The Stars

Blushing Brydes – Death Flight To The Stars

Blushing Brydes

Blushing Brydes are a duo of lo-fi rockers, Martin and David Bryde. Their music is inspired by their love for dream-pop pioneers Beach House and the songwriting of Joanna Newsom, Low, and John Grant.

With Low being one of my personal favorites, this can’t fall too far behind. On the contrary, their new song Death Flight To The Stars, released on April 1st. 2022 by Iffy Folk Records, is a true voyage through lo-fi sounds, combined with fuzzy distortions and mellow, Radiohead-like vocals.
To comprehend what you’re listening to, you’ll have to listen more than once, dig in, immerse yourself in the sound and enjoy the trip.

The moment I pushed the play button, I was sure this was going to be good, the rhythm, the fuzzy arpeggiated guitars, the vocals expanding as the song turns and swirls in the speakers, all made for a really great listen.
The second time I listened, I noticed even more elements popping out and thought to myself, “what a great production”. Excellent use of backing vocals and overall, such musicianship.
Gotta say I’m a fan.

To hear the song and find out more about Blushing Brydes, follow the links below:


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