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Flõstate – One More Day In Love

Flõstate – One More Day In Love


With a cantabile & heavenly elegance, Canadian duo Flõstate gift to us their newest single, ‘One More Day In Love‘. A hazy dream-pop soundscape of lonely nighttime recollections, here we’ve mnemonic spirits hauntingly cast their shadows across the psyche of lost love. The expression of that sort of memory maintains a bittersweetness throughout its time; such beauty in recollection cutting all the deeper.

Featuring a spellbinding arpeggiated synth & a dazzlingly multi-octave melody sitting atop a rich, sonorous castle of audial texture, this is one part Georgio Moroder, one part The Sundays, one part masterful, modernist production. There is majestically intricate minimalism here that entrances, & which details a particular ear for nuance & an enlightening melopoeia.

‘One More Day In Love’ is a genuinely fantastic piece of aethesodic art, showcasing Flõstate as the magnificent & meticulous creators they are. Follow them further as they pull more phantasmal compositions from the ether:

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