giveitaspin / The website is an award-winning genre full music, arts and culture blog based in Thessaloniki (SKG), Greece since 2008, founded by Niki Sorogas. It started out as a blogging platform and evolved later on into a genre full concept! giveitaspin supports the local and global scene of bands, artists and DJ’s that cover a plethora of music genres. provides communication sponsorship to events and culture escapades so send us a mail for the logo pack!

The next goal is to bring giveitaspin on a streaming radio service (like radiojar 24/7) with the incoming promo and create a digital label online. If you can help from Greece or abroad, let us know! Open to any ideas and collaborations.

Friendly contributors are also invited on this journey. The newest music contributor on board is Christoph Kiss. C. Kiss is one half of the Zurich-based Producer-Duo and Liveband “Okvsho” and part of the Label Boyoom Connective.

#giveitaspin is a motto to share the music love. The logo design was made by John Trifonopoulos aka Greek electronic artist Esoteric Sob.

giveitaspin / The live radio show  

It’s the name of Niki’s radio show for the past years, currently airing monthly on Paranoise. The show has been hosted on FM and internet radio stations. Check out more in the Podcasts tab on the menu.

#giveitaspin / The hashtag

Dedicated to covering the best music, spinning throughout all the beautiful genres on earth. It involves daily handpicked taste-making, tracking down gigs, events, interviews and culture likings. The “metaphor” has to do with Aussie slang, vinyl love, and science terms from Niki’s upbringings.

Why giveitaspin?


Giveitaspin loves true music relationships with independent artists and small labels, supporting all kinds of events/festivals and having fresh music on the radio show constantly. You’ll find some articles in Greek under the GR edition, other than that it’s all in English blabber to connect with people from all over the world 


Comments are welcome to make and know us better!


Ps. Are you a writer/photographer/creative mind and want your voice out there? Come and write for us!