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Preservation – I-78 (feat. Mach-Hommy)

Preservation – I-78 (feat. Mach-Hommy)

In an age where MC’s are measured more by their marketability than their lyrics, Mach Hommy lets his prophetic words do the work for him. Sitting atop the crowd from the shadows, resting firmly on the shoulders of yesterday’s giants, his clear & precise vision is the product of this great vantage point. Preservation, the infamous DJ of 20+ years, who used to tour with Yasiin Bey (FKA Mos Def), invokes spells of the ancient arts with the confidence & fluidity only true master craftsmen possess – this is hip hop you can sink your teeth into.

Masked up long before the COVID-19, the enigmatic Haitian- American lyricist weaves rhythms, tones, & cadences like a ‘60s cool jazz soloist. ‘Think if Rothschild had a thing for Thelonius Monk…’ he ponders, as Preservation pulls eastern melodies out in unique shapes, stutter-stepping over an almost non-existent beat, letting the words play drums. Recorded prior to the outbreak, or the protests, this feels an eerily appropriate vision for our modern world as it is, as it was, & as the future may yet unfold.

See the video/ hear the complete album, or support the arts & purchase Preservation’s new album, ‘Eastern Medicine, Western Illness’, below – which features more Mach Hommy, as well as Roc Marciano, Ka, Your Old Droog, Quelle Chris, & much more exceptional artistry:

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