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We don’t guarantee a response via email submissions anymore. That may come as a shock, but with ~ 100 submissions through our inbox a day it just became too overwhelming and disorganized. I hope you all understand.

Why you should use Submithub to send in your track to us. You will be guaranteed 100% feedback and the blog receives a very small credit for taking the time to consider, support, and connect with your music. This really helps to fund our work too. Also, you can connect with tons of labels and curators, even if we are not in line with your releases. So it’s a win-win situation. Don’t forget aside from our server and running costs you help us pay our writers via Submithub or support the same tracks we feature. We take much care in what we promote on a daily basis.



Some statistics in 2020 for the give it a spin team on Submithub :

  • We listened to 11,599 minutes of music on Submithub
  • We wrote 124,293 words of (kind) feedback
  • We approved 137 songs and declined 4,060
  • Our most-approved genre was Hip-Hop / Conscious Hip-Hop (42)
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