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John Roseboro – Mere Mortal

John Roseboro – Mere Mortal

Just in time for the fresh Spring & return of green life here in the Northern Hemisphere, John Roseboro graces us with the breezy-but-contemplative ‘Mere Mortal‘. The Haitian- American artist’s latest self-released composition is wrought with introspective turns of phrase, realistically optimistic methodology, & a delightfully bossa nova-esque lilt – assuredly, this is your jam of the season. Gentle, syncopated jazz guitar chordage sways in a blossoming sunshine of melodiousness, while the softly-spoken-magic-spells transport you to that place in your mind you’ve been meaning to visit, but which has otherwise felt so distant. 

Yet, akin to the moment, the beauty is coupled with an underlying ominousness – ‘Holding on, but what for? Fear of hell, or hope of reward‘, Roseboro bemuses. There is an impressive balance in the fold here; a high wire daredevil act of positive honesty & compassionate rationality. This is the kind of art which helps you venture inward, toward that divine light – a particularly valuable piece/ peace whenst the outside world falls on one’s shoulders all the heavier. Impressive, to say the least, one would find it wise to follow John Roseboro further on these edifying artistic adventures:

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