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Biiig Stretch – Somber Summer

Biiig Stretch – Somber Summer

Ingrained into many from the onset, summer is a time of adventure, relaxation, & escape – but often summer comes bearing a weight, a sorrow, or contemplative aftertaste to accompany the memories made. The fruit of this year’s summer season bears a thick, gripping rind, + a rot which one must cut away in order to obtain the sweet heart – & Biiig Stretch encapsulates this mood exquisitely, via his most recent contribution, ‘Somber Summer‘.

With dulcet, honey’d tones set to pizzicato, synth-stringed arpeggios, & a snare that snaps like a head- nod, the emotion is ripe with the intensity of our momentary conflict. From the cash-register-esque rhythm, to the staccato, high- noted piano inflections, to the drum-roll-to-make-Ringo-jealous, all of this ambience rings heavy to the onerous climate. Whether you are experiencing the conflict yourself, or are rationalizing the ghastly reality, you can sip a lemonade to ‘Somber Summer‘, the iridescent sunset backdropped off of colorful garden flowers… while the plague knocks at your door.

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