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Hunter Falls – Stay The Night

Hunter Falls – Stay The Night

Hunter Falls is a singer-songwriter based in Belgium. He’s the kind of artist you guess has been involved in music his whole life and no, that’s not an over-exaggeration. Hunter started singing at the age of six and hasn’t stopped ever since. The fact that he partly grew up in the U.K. has taught him that a combination of cultures is what makes the world beautiful and that’s what he does with his music.

A mixture of modern R&B, Soul, and Pop combined with his deep and energetic voice is what made me fall in love with his song Stay the Night. While the song’s thematology is something we have heard a lot of in today’s pop scene, Hunter’s approach hits completely different.

Where does someone begin? Is it the amazing lyric writing? The really catchy chorus? The awesome backing vocals, that make this song feel different than most pop songs we hear on the radio? All I can say for sure is that the song feels like the next big hit and deserves a place in the charts along with a place in our hearts.

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