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Socotra – Weekday Jazz

Socotra – Weekday Jazz

Your Monday morning comes, relative to the time you keep; eyes opening to the day, new challenges await, for better or worse. The heaviness of your demands will take you back to the initial agreement you made, the conditions, your condition… Feeding the fire when you’re burnt out. Or maybe you call out; take a walk, & grab a coffee/ tea with someone you’ve been missing – is that favorite place serving outdoors?

Weekday Jazz’ offers a multiverse of imagination, relative to one’s personal experience, or otherwise out-of-this-world creations. Socotra combines an old school jazz sensibility, full of exciting melodies, challenging counterpoints, eclectic blue notes, accidentals, all while elegantly interweaving the minimalist bounce of a pureblood boom-bap beat. The hum of the record, the head bob effect in full, gentle keys part the way for a uniquely cantabile saxophone expedition – one can’t decide if they want to invite Miles Davis or Nas on for the remix. Headways beyond the seeingly ever-growing Lo-Fi hip hop scene, this a singular perspective in a heavy field – hear more here:

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