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Watch Touboura’s latest audiovisual performance ‘A 5th Element’.

Watch Touboura’s latest audiovisual performance ‘A 5th Element’.

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“…according to Aristotle, there’s something that connects the earthly world with the upper ones. A 5th Element.”

Touboura is in a flamboyant mode of artistic operation. Her latest film is a musical live performance, a visual installation that has taken place at a  small river on the magical Greek island of Samothrace. The video passage is a high definition abstraction of philosophy over poststructuralism. The music experimentations or chants never become a relaxing background although everything is staged on the most beautiful naturalistic scale. Moreover, the audiovisual art form is always challenging. If Touboura seduced two opposite life forms into one choric dance, perhaps this is the propulsion of a lost dimension. She is constantly debating her ideas in a cultural formation through the principles of music movements.

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