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stefan – I Can’t Sleep

stefan – I Can’t Sleep

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I can’t sleep by Stefan is one of those songs that will enchant you from the very first seconds. It starts with a catchy guitar melody while introducing you to a Lo-Fi type of production. The guitar is the main instrument on this track, and its variations will keep you hooked through the song. Stefan knows perfectly how to play with the silences and the delicate arrangements. The vocals are the perfect balance between a soothing voice and a deeper one.

The track has a very intriguing vocal melody as it keeps building up to a catchier chorus. It introduces you to a very bitter soundscape that sounds like being lonely in your bed in your room after drinking too much last night. The lyrics fit the vibe and the sound of the guitar perfectly, and it’s vintage vibes. Stefan did an outstanding job combining all these elements with a minimalist and elegant taste.

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