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VINI – The Cage

VINI – The Cage


Ever wondered what music should you play loud in the background, if you opened up a summer cocktail bar? Well “The Cage” from VINI is a perfect example of what I would spin on the decks If I was the owner. It’s a nice melody, the bass made my foot spring up and down, and generally, this song made me feel like summer. If I had the knowledge I would literally start bartending – creating chilly cocktails while listening to it.

So, if you’re feeling like having a laidback time, you’re hanging out with friends with drinks, or if you want to listen to something cool and breezy, “The Cage” is a good start to release your danceable freedom! Enjoy the official video!

This song can be looked at as a society that is caged and needs a breakthrough for the new generations to see the real world through their own eyes.

More info:

VINI, A band that was formed by a former Girl Group as Beam (DJ, lead singer) and Ply (bass, vocalist), the two had a girl talk that would bring contemporary music and play their own music instruments. Bringing along Fhong (guitarist, vocalist) discussing about their own music style and passion turned out to be “VINI”. The band brings the music styles of Electronica, Clubbing beats to spark up new tunes for the Thai Dance Music Festival and around Asia.

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