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Zihao Chen – Childhood Umbrella

Zihao Chen – Childhood Umbrella

Zihao Chen - give it a spin

With minimal undertones and moments of peace and relaxation, the Childhood Umbrella sounds like the most beautiful track in the world. This slow-breathing piano track with delicate samples (I spotted some in Greek too!) and incredibly light fusion by Zihao Chen has just transported us to a far-away memory. Perhaps there, where all seemed crackling bright, in the new dawn of a day, on a musical adventure we keep close in our hearts. I recommend you experience this track while on a travel route, and if that isn’t possible be sure that it will be a meditative song in the trails of the past. For lovers of Haruka Nakamura and the Erased Tapes roster, find Zihao Chen further:

Zihao Chen is (b.1998) a composer, producer, and multi-instrumentalist. Born in Wuhan. He explores diverse soundscapes, blending jazz, ambient, neoclassical and electronic. He also produces memorable, custom-made music for film, installation art & other media. Now creating in New York.

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